Today: 30.Nov.2020

Keith Matheny, writer for the Detroit Free Press: Again, the Detroit Free Press is out to spread inaccurate fearmongering about nuclear power and used fuel. The city of Detroit is an economic and urban disgrace to the United States. Few businesses want to locate there. Many of the children living there receive marginal education. After World War II cities in Asia and Europe rebuilt to very high standards and got strong economies going. The United States has let Detroit fester with many abandoned industrial, commercial and residential buildings for more than half a century. Nuclear waste is among some of the easiest waste to secure, manage and store, in part because of its compact nature. Nuclear waste management would bring revenue, jobs and education opportunities to areas that are now a wasteland. The economic benefits would last centuries.

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National Safety Council, James Maynard, Tech Times: The five leading causes of death in the United States as of 2014 are approximately :1) heart disease, 614,000, 2) cancer, 592,000, 3) accidents, 136,000, 4) stroke, 133,100, 5) Alzheimer's, 93,500 for a total of 1,568,600 per year. The annual deaths from radiation exposure at commercial nuclear power plants is ZERO and has been for fifty years. Some deaths are almost inevitable. Others can be minimized. Radiation safety at commercial nuclear power plants always has been a top priority.

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Donald R. Riley - This is an excellent short summary about radiation. Go Nuclear, Inc. has worked with many key nuclear scientists and engineers with first hand experience in developing nuclear energy technologies, radiation protection and understanding low-dose radiation: Wade Allison, Jerry Cuttler, Ludwik Dobrzynski, Mohan Doss, Ludwig Feinendegen, Darrell Fisher, Marek Janiak, Zbigniew Jaworowski, Kelvin Kemm, Jeffrey Mahn, Donald R. Riley, Theodore Rockwell, Yehoshua Socol, Brant Ulsh, Alan Waltar, James Welsh, among others.

At age 11, while in 7th grade, Kenneth Andrew Kienlen wrote his first paper about nuclear power for an English class. This is a paper written four years later at age 15 in 11th grade. He did a superlative report again in 11th grade. We wish government leaders would do as well with long term energy planning as this Advocate from Texas. Kenneth went on to graduate from Texas A&M in nuclear engineering. We wish him the best in the future. Go Nuclear.

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