Today: 15.May.2021

Viv Forbes, Executive Director of the Saltbush Club which opposes the war on carbon energy, opposes real pollution, and promotes the rational and sustainable use of carbon energy and carbon food. The Greens in Australia work to close a coal mine because it may disturb some birds. The same Greens support wind turbines that grind up precious wedge-tail eagles, falcons, kites, hawks and other birds as well as uncounted bats. As long as Democracies allow extreme Green policies to rule the energy sector, the free world will fall to dictator governments.

Published in Australia

Scott Brown, CEO of New Energy Capital and former member of Advisory Board of National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Scott Brown's journey to understand how reliable, high energy density nuclear power is essential for the modern world and his journey so far in understanding the effects of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels is very interesting and important for everyone. His story is similar to Michael Shellenberger's at Environmental Progress. Although both Brown and Shellenberger consider the catastrophic story about carbon dioxide to be settled, Mother Nature has the last say and the world will have to wait a few years until all the forecasts of catastrophes have had a chance to happen. Two things are fairly certain: a) The world is unable and will not stop use of fossil fuels in the near future and b) The world is unable and will not implement nuclear power worldwide in the near future. It is physically and industrially not possible. But nuclear power is the only long term solution and it definitely will happen. Some people are focusing on things that are supposedly very urgent. Others are working within the realm of more realistic possibility to do the best for people and the environment everywhere. The accompanying photo shows a typical nuclear power station in France with two units and place for two replacement units. This is the best use of nuclear to date in the world. Congratulations to FRANCE.

Published in USA

Benjamin Zycher, economics and public policy scholar at American Enterprise Institute: The Green New Deal (GND) is a set of policy proposals, some more concrete than others, with the central advertised goal of ameliorating a purported climate crisis by implementing policies that would reduce US greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to zero, or to “net zero,” by 2050. The expansion of employment under the GND—in particular the expansion of “green” employment—will prove illusory. The resource “sustainability” rationale for the GND is fundamentally incorrect analytically.

Published in USA

Pierre Gosselin, mechanical and civil engineer, advocate for sound use of the best energy sources: Progress is not achieved by abandoning development Imagine if the Wright Brothers had abandoned flight after the first mishap, only listening to the voices of fear that heavy objects have no place in the air and that it isn’t possible to eliminate accidents? Imagine if society had abandoned the automobile after the first deadly accident? Imagine if early doctors had been prevented from attempting surgery on a seriously ill person. Of course, if humans had given up after every failure, we’d still be in the Stone Ages – if not extinct.

Published in Germany
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