Today: 12.Jun.2021

Alan Waltar, nuclear engineer, Past President of the American Nuclear Society: The majority of our citizens are aware of the contributions of nuclear technology to the production of electricity via commercial nuclear power plants. But most are unaware that the impact of this technology is even greater for non-power applications. The world of medicine, agriculture, and modern industry has been substantially improved by the harnessing of radioisotopes, and new applications continue to make major humanitarian contributions to our quality of life.

Published in USA

World Nuclear Association - Summary of Small nuclear power plants with many applications for the past, present and future.

Tim Abram, Westinghouse Professor of Nuclear Fuel Technology - Young Generation in Nuclear, Rough Guide to Nuclear Power, Generation-IV.

M.N.H. Comsan - Worldwide, in 2007, there are 439 operating nuclear reactors working in 31 countries with 361 GWe installed power representing ~17% of world demand on electricity. Most of these reactors were designed and developed during the 1960s. For almost five decades, the nuclear power industry has been developing and improving nuclear design and technology towards safer and more reliable operation. With the increase of world demand on energy, 136 new reactors are needed just to maintain the nuclear energy share at the same level by 2025.

Published in Egypt
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