Today: 11.Apr.2021

John Shanahan, civil engineer, editor Presentation to Richland, Washington Rotary Club May 2020. Introduction to website:, videos about nuclear energy, radioisotopes and nuclear medicine. Recommendations for the future.

Published in USA

Eric Lubin, Erquy, France. Strategist for resolving world conflicts over ideologies and resources. See his Facebook page: During construction of 8.000 wind turbines in France, health budget suffered 8 billion credits deleted, 100.000 beds closed, 95 emergency services eliminated, half of the maternity leave in France. The comparison is unbearable. After three years of serious health crisis and now the fatal coronavirus, it is the budget choice of the state that is sick: only 25 % of wind turbines cost as much as the upgrade of our entire health system, estimated at 30 billion minimum. France has swallowed 120 billion in a gadget solution that claimed to replace nuclear with wind turbines.

Published in France

Kelvin Kemm, nuclear physicist, Chairman of the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation and CEO of Nuclear Africa (Pty) Ltd: This interview with NEWZROOM AFRIKA describes the benefits of nuclear energy and nuclear medicine for the continent of Africa and countries everywhere. Dr. Kemm is one of the best spokespersons for a peaceful world with plentiful nuclear energy, nuclear medicine and nuclear science. It is very helpful for many countries that NEWZROOM AFRIKA is providing this interview.

Published in South Africa

Jerry Cuttler, D.Sc. in nuclear sciences and engineering, recipient of 2011 International Dose-Response Society Award for Outstanding Career Achievement: This presentation describes low dose radiation treatments for more than 120 years. Describes mechanism for beneficial effects. Ionizing radiation effects on DNA and H2O. Radiotherapy for sinus infections, pneumonia, wound healing, bronchial asthma, inflammatory disease. Discussion of Threshold model versus Linear No-Threshold model for estimating radiation induced cancer. Radiobiological basis of low-dose irradiation in prevention and therapy of cancer. Radon therapy for cancer. Rheumatoid arthritis. Diabetes. Phemphigus auto immune disease. Neurodegenerative diseases. Parkinsons disease. Alzheimer's disease. Important conclusions.

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