Today: 04.Mar.2021

Jeffrey Mahn, nuclear engineer: - Presentation addresses: - Energy Facts, - History, - Fossil Fuels, - Nuclear Energy, - Solar, - Wind, - Water, - Energy Resource Life-Cycle, - Energy Conversion Efficiencies, - Reality of "Renewables," - Land Requirements.

Vaclav Smil writes in his book, "ENERGY AND CIVILIZATION - A HISTORY" "Energy is the only universal currency." In 2020 as the world struggles with the Covid 19 pandemic, we see what paper currencies are worth. Toilet paper and tissue paper of all kinds are more sought after than paper with ink on it claiming to be money - The value of paper currency is only what people believe it is based on the government words printed on the paper. Only energy is a real currency, because with it you can do work. Politicians and non-profit alarmists are telling us that wind and solar are better than fossil fuels, hydro and nuclear. Believing that is sort of like believing that paper currency has a solid value. Your choice.

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Richard McPherson, electrical power and grid security expert. He is pursuing executable humanitarian solutions under the nexus of agriculture, water and energy: American diplomacy needs to bring together countries as one providing commercial nuclear power to the world, like Australia, Canada, France, India, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Nuclear technology and funding are available. In the United States (“US”), Idaho and Tennessee have the resources for an advanced Generation IV reactor to be online in 2023. In Idaho, Premier Technology, Inc., located in Blackfoot, Idaho, working with MicroNuclear LLC., Brentwood, Tennessee and the University of Idaho, in Idaho Falls, Idaho can team with the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) also in Idaho Falls, to provide the push the world needs to witness.

Katherine Birdsong, B.Sc. in biology and environmental science. Advocate for nuclear energy. Educator for youth and young parents: The use of commercial nuclear energy in the United States and in many countries around the world is currently at a crossroads. The current nuclear production for the nation is averaging about 20% of the total energy generated. This is, on the world’s grading system, a “C” or “C-.” It should be a “B” or “B+” but the U.S. has failed to move the ball enough. Nuclear energy, as a practical issue, is a moderate success. However, nuclear is not succeeding in its enormous potential to grow and alleviate critical needs - energy - environment - medical - for today and, more importantly, the future of this country.<

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The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2019 covers many nuclear power technologies and programs in key countries. It also covers how the nuclear industries reliance on concerns about fossil fuels causing man-made global warming. This topic is definitely not settled and the nuclear industry will be disgraced if they are shown to have taken the wrong side on this complex subject. The nuclear industry should stand on its own merits and leave the debate about carbon dioxide from fossil fuels to real experts in this field.

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