Today: 07.Mar.2021

Richard McPherson, electrical power and grid security expert. He is pursuing executable humanitarian solutions under the nexus of agriculture, water and energy: Americans are spoiled; some are even arrogant about having energy including electricity. Americans flip on a light switch and have light. A thermostat controls ambient temperature to their liking. Drinking water is available. Vehicles have fuel available close to almost every home, office, other workplace or school. Ample food is available at local stores. And, medical care is readily available for most Americans. None of this is available in most countries. An American Led Decade of Energy shared with Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, South Africa, South Korea, the UK and others can change all that.

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John Shanahan, Civil Engineer, Editor of A lot of the public in North America and Europe have been led to believe that wind and solar energy are better than fossil fuels and nuclear. Other countries are determined to stay strong with fossil fuels and nuclear. It is so sad to see the downfall of Western Civilization coming from extreme environmentalists claiming catastrophic man-made global warming and sea-level rise. The nations with stronger energy programs will control the world.

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Eric Jelinski, past president of Environmentalists for Nuclear - Canada, farmer, environmentalist, university lecturer with degrees in mechanical and chemical nuclear engineering: There is no such thing as renewable energy. Could you build a renewable energy system without any support from coal, oil or natural gas? I’d like to see the renewable energy advocates mine, manufacture and transport everything that is needed for wind and solar farms and electrical distribution networks using wind and solar alone. Jim Conca, geologist, science and energy writer for Forbes predicts the 2100 mix will be natural gas and wind. John Shanahan, civil engineer says that natural gas and nuclear is better.

Published in Canada

Robinson Meyer staff writer for The Atlantic: The Atlantic Magazine publishes articles about man-made global warming. One of their staff writers, Robinson Meyer, is concerned about man-made global warming. But he correctly understands that nuclear power is not a Silver Bullet solution. There are several obvious, but ignored reasons: 1) Electric generation is only a fraction of uses for fossil fuels. The other uses will continue for a long time. 2) Nuclear power can't be allowed to be operated in countries with bad governments, terrible economies, poor education systems and no local industry to support it. 3) At the very best, it would take the world more than a century to switch entirely to nuclear power, probably several centuries. The supposed man-made global warming crisis is said to have to be solved in fifty years or so.

Published in USA
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