Today: 23.Nov.2020

Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Pittsburgh: Plutonium is constantly referred to by the news media as "the most toxic substance known to man." Ralph Nader has said that a pound of plutonium could cause 8 billion cancers, and former Senator Ribicoff has said that a single particle of plutonium inhaled into the lung can cause cancer. There is no scientific basis for any of these statements, as I have shown in a paper in the refereed scientific journal Health Physics (Vol. 32, pp. 359-379, 1977). In spite of the facts we have cited here, facts well known in the scientific community, the myth of Pu toxicity lingers on. The news media ignore us, and prefer to continue scaring the public at every opportunity.

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Thomas Cochran has been working with the Natural Resources Defense Council since the 1970s to stop the use of nuclear power, particularly the kind that uses most of the potential energy and produces the lease amount of radioactive waste. This article shows his position in 2006. It would put the world back in the state it was in before there was plentiful nuclear energy. So many saviors would have the world using the least energy dense sources for electric power, transportation, industrial processes, heating and air conditioning. Too many nuclear energy professionals and most nuclear energy organizations are not sufficiently involved in the effort to have the public understand the tremendous benefits and the actual very low risks of nuclear energy. Fear mongering and simple statements sells well with the public.

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Michel Gay: Les réacteurs nucléaires surgénérateurs qui se développeront dans le monde après 2050 ne manqueront pas d’uranium pour fonctionner pendant plusieurs milliers d’années. En revanche, la production suffisante de plutonium pour démarrer ces réacteurs sera plus problématique, et elle constituera certainement le facteur dimensionnant de leur expansion.

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Jerry Paul, nuclear engineer and attorney who served with the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration: Completing the MOX Project is vitally important for America’s nuclear energy industry which has seen plants around the country close prematurely resulting in lost American jobs and a loss of an emission-free electricity supply. As our own nuclear supply chain atrophies, international rivals like China and Russia, surge ahead.

Published in Fission - uranium fuel
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