Today: 23.Nov.2020

Wade Allison - Radiation and Reason. A list of the pros and cons of nuclear energy is straightforward; we need it, it is safe, but people are frightened of it. But the need to replace fossil fuels with another large base-load source is widely understood and its safety has been demonstrated many times.

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Bruno Comby, President of Environmentalists for Nuclear: I discovered a new local radiation hot spot in France in nature (publicly accessible) near the former Areva uranium mine of Lodeve. The radiation count there goes up to 4.8 microSv per hour, that’s a 100 times more than in the middle of the Salagou lake, and 50 times more than the usual background radiation, but still 20 times less than I measured inside an inhabited house in Ramsar near the Caspian sea.

Holman Jenkins, writer for the Wall Street Journal, Wade Allison, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Oxford University. A paradigm shift is necessary to facilitate use of nuclear power. This involve stopping use of unscientific radiation guidelines using the Linear No Threshold Hypothesis and basing radiation protection on long observed and documented facts about effects of radiation on living organisms. This article is written so everyone can understand. If we used the Linear No Threshold Hypothesis for guide lines in the rest of our lives, we would not drive cars or take baby aspirin, etc.

The Brazilian Nuclear Energy Association (ABEN) is the institution that brings together practitioners and researchers of the Brazilian nuclear sector. Among its responsibilities, is the dissemination of information on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy in different fields of human life, as the generation of electrical energy, medicine, agriculture and the environment.

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