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Michel Gay, Jean-Luc Pasquale: « Sola dosis fecit venenum » (Seule la dose fait le poison). Cet aphorisme attribué à Paracelse (1493-1541), médecin précurseur de la toxicologie prend ici tout son sens. L’exposition aux rayonnements émis par cette montre peut-elle porter un quelconque préjudice sanitaire à celui qui la porte et à ses proches ? Il s’agit d’un problème d’expertise doublé d’une interrogation politique

ORGANIZATIONS UNITED For Responsible Low-Level Radioactive Waste Solutions: The widespread uses and benefits of radioactive materials are one of our society's great untold stories. Few Americans realize that our advanced industrial economy and high standard of living would not be possible without the use of radioactive materials in medicine, agriculture, industry, science and government. We thank Eric Jelinski, President of Environmentalists for Nuclear - CANADA, for providing this document from 1994.

Stewart Brand On Why Environmentalists Should Embrace Nuclear Power. Considering all the alternatives, including wind and solar, environmentalists must come to terms with the reality that nuclear power is the greenest, safest, most reliable answer to our energy challenges. That is the message from leading environmentalist, counter-cultural icon, and once-opponent of nuclear power Stewart Brand in a new video interview posted by Big Think.

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Shi Yang - China is making more efforts to develop new energy to ensure the country's energy security and boost economic growth.

China is trying to establish long-term energy security. This by investment in oil and gas fields abroad, and by diversifying its providers.

Nuclear power is viewed by the current Administration as important, perhaps essential, to maintaining that diversity.

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