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Alan Waltar, nuclear engineer, Past President of the American Nuclear Society: The majority of our citizens are aware of the contributions of nuclear technology to the production of electricity via commercial nuclear power plants. But most are unaware that the impact of this technology is even greater for non-power applications. The world of medicine, agriculture, and modern industry has been substantially improved by the harnessing of radioisotopes, and new applications continue to make major humanitarian contributions to our quality of life.

Bryan Leyland is a consulting engineer for major electric generating projects in Africa and Asia. He is a strong advocate for nuclear power. His home is in beautiful New Zealand where he owns a hydroelectric generating plant.

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Nuclear power needs a fuel recycle reactor. This program should be the cornerstone of the U.S. advanced nuclear technology development program. The capability of operating nuclear power plants with recycled fuel is far more important than the capability of operating nuclear plants at higher temperatures. The benefits of increasing thermal efficiency are minuscule when compared to the benefits of increasing nuclear fuel efficiency. .. .. Even after the first cycle, with the burnup that was routinely achieved in EBR-II, this fuel will contain much too high of a concentration of higher isotopes of plutonium and other actinides to be attractive for weapons.

Argonne National Laboratory was in charge of the design, construction, operation, research for EBR I and EBR II, Experimental Breeder Reactors I and II. It was lead by top pioneers in breeder reactor technology, Enrico Fermi, Walter Zinn and many others. The breeder reactor technology developed by many top scientists at Argonne National Laboratory is the best developed in the United States with proven passive safety and optimum spent fuel recycling technology.

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