Today: 28.Nov.2020

S. K. Jain provides an overview from the distant past, recent past, present and into the future for the use of nuclear energy and nuclear science in India. Very clear what needs to be done.

Published in India

Necsa - SAFARI1 is a 20 Megawatt tank-in-pool type nuclear research reactor, owned and operated by the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa). SAFARI1 is an acronym for South Africa Fundamental Atomic Research Installation and is South Africa’s only nuclear research reactor.

Since it’s commissioning on 18th March 1965, SAFARI1 has achieved many outstanding successes and is currently engaged in a number of activities which are not only fascinating, but also of great benefit to mankind.

ANSTO - Nuclear-based science benefiting all Australians. The construction of Australia’s new world-class research reactor, OPAL, heralds the nation’s determination to maintain its position at the frontiers of international science. OPAL will become the centre-piece of the facilities we offer at ANSTO, where we apply our nuclear expertise to support health, environmental, industrial and national security objectives.

Radioisotopes are playing an increasingly important part in Australian life. They are widely used in medicine, industry and scientific research, and new applications for their use are constantly being developed. In many cases, radioisotopes have no substitute and in most of their applications they are more effective and cheaper than alternative techniques or processes.

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