Today: 19.Jun.2021

Tim Abram, Westinghouse Professor of Nuclear Fuel Technology - Young Generation in Nuclear, Rough Guide to Nuclear Power, Generation-IV.

O. A. Potapov - Excellent documentation of Russia's experience with BN600, a sodium cooled fast reactor. Includes design, fuel, operating and, maintenance experience and isotope production.

Published in Fission - uranium fuel

Donald R. Riley - He evolved the SEFOR (Southwest Experimental Fast Oxide Reactor) conceptual design. SEFOR was built and successfully proved the Doppler Coefficient that shuts down a reactor using MOX fuel without any special actions. If Chernobyl had been a fast reactor it would not have destroyed itself.

Published in USA

John Sackett's 34-year career in advanced reactor and fuel-cycle development led to international recognition in the areas of passive nuclear safety and advanced reactor design.

Published in Fission - uranium fuel
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