Today: 19.Jun.2021

S. Fred Singer, professor emeritus at the University of Virginia and director of the Science and Environmental Policy Project. Gerald E. Marsh, a retired physicist from Argonne National Laboratory - Many people believe that wind and solar energy are essential for replacing nonrenewable fossil fuels. They also believe that wind and solar are unique in providing energy that’s carbon-free and inexhaustible. A closer look shows that such beliefs are based on illusions and wishful thinking.

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Alex Epstein explains the most fundamental facts about solar and wind energy versus fossil fuels and nuclear power: intermittent, lowest energy density, inadequate energy storage technology, remoteness from urban centers that require large amounts of energy, vast areas of land required, environmental and wildlife destruction. "Greenpeace and others protesting CO2 and global warming, based on a mere BELIEF, like any other religion, is as laughable (if it weren't for their willful and unlawful disruption of honest TAX-PAYING citizens' lives) as demanding the government 'do something' about the length of daylight, or the force of gravity, or the composition of Jupiter.

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Ted Rockwell, a member of the National Academy of Engineering, was a passionate pioneer for nuclear energy. He has the following to say about modern wind turbines and wind farms.

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Calvin Beisner, Cornwall Energy Alliance: One of the greatest concerns is that the demand to reduce allegedly dangerous, man-made global warming by reducing carbon dioxide emissions would trap the world’s poorest 2.9 billion people—about 1.3 billion of whom still use wood, coal, charcoal, and dung on open fires as their primary cooking and heating fuels and about 1.9 billion of whom lack all access to electricity—in extreme poverty and high rates of disease and premature death.

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