Today: 19.Jun.2021

Link: Euan Mearns was born in India in October 1957 during the waning years of British colonialism. He returned to Scotland, earned a PhD in geology and owned a isotope geochemistry analysis and consulting business for the oil and gas industry. His real passion is to try to understand the various components of how The Earth energy system works and to educate politicians and the public on Energy Matters. He is an Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Aberdeen.

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Kelvin Kemm and co-authors clearly explain that nuclear power is essential for national progress. South Africa is in a very unique position in which both the developed and developing economic forces operate within one country.

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Dr. Patrick Moore is a Co-Founder of Greenpeace and worked in that organization for 15 years. At that point, he decided that he wanted to stop protesting everything what is wrong with the world and wanted to start focusing on what is right and needs to be supported. This document contains both a written statement and a video. Please read the statement and watch the video. They are very important..

The Energy Advocate is an excellent newsletter about ENERGY: the science, engineering, politics and special interest group agendas. A sample is below with order instructions at the end. This is excellent for high school teachers, students, people in all fields interested in having plentiful clean energy to maintain a prosperous lifestyle and economy. The author, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Howard Cork Hayden, is very talented in making science and engineering topics simple to understandable.

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