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Climate explained by physicist using spectra

Howard Cork Hayden

Howard Cork Hayden, Emeritus Physics Professor, University of Connecticut: This website provides many different explanations on the pros and cons of climate change from use of fossil fuels. It is essential to get this right because fossil fuels are so important. Most man-made global warming alarmists essentially reject and ridicule all explanations from global warming skeptics, going so far as to call them "CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS." The horrors of the New England Witchcraft Trials and the Inquistion of the Catholic Church weren't as bad as being called a "CLIMATE CHANGE DENIER." This article is more technical than we normally post, but it is essential to search for the truth and give the alarmists a chance to deny this science also. The conclusion is still that fossil fuels are not causing catastrophic man-made global warming like Al Gore, Barack Obama and many other politicians and climate alarmist "scientists" claim. It is necessary for nuclear energy advocates to correctly understand all aspects of fossil fuels. Otherwise, what kind of nuclear energy advocates are they?