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A simple explanation of the new climate science

Ed Berry
Climate several centuries ago during the Little Ice Age was miserably cold with food shortages sickness poverty. Mini and grand Ice Ages are not good for humanity. Climate periods like today's are when civilization flourishes. Throughout most of history changes in atmosheric carbon dioxide have not led changes in average temperature like the UN IPC climate alarmists claim. Theirs is just a ruse to gain control over people and countries.

Ed Berry, physicist and climate scientist: New calculations prove all human CO2 emitted since 1750 has added only 31 ppm (parts per million) of CO2 to the atmosphere, and natural CO2 has added 100 ppm. All human carbon has added only one percent to the carbon in Earth’s carbon cycle. Nature has added much more carbon to the carbon cycle than humans have added. IPCC’s human carbon cycle calculations are invalid because IPCC based its calculations on its assumption that human CO2 emissions caused all the CO2 increase above 280 ppm. There is no valid scientific basis for climate alarmism.