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Human CO2 Emissions have little Effect on Atmospheric CO2

Ed Berry
This photo shows both the positive effects of atmospheric CO2 (the lush forests) and the determining factors of Earth's climate (the sun and the physics that control formation of clouds). The small amount of atmospheric CO2 (200 ppm, 400 ppm, 1,000 ppm, 1,500 ppm) will not cause caastrophic global warming. Stopping use of fossil fuels and extracting CO2 from the atmossphere will have no influencce on whatever climate change is going to happen. Extracting CO2 from the atmosphere will be done with machines that will produce CO2!

Ed Berry, physicist and climate scientist: Human CO2 makes an insignificant increase in the natural level of atmospheric CO2 and, therefore, nature, not human CO2, is responsible for changing the climate.The alarmist climate theory fails the scientific method. Climate alarmists claim human CO2 emissions cause dangerous climate change. They believe a warmer planet causes bad things to happen. Therefore, they say, we must severely reduce human CO2 emissions to save the planet. Recently, they say it is a “climate emergency.” Their problem is they have not checked the science. Science does not support their claim. Science shows there is no reason to restrict our CO2 emissions. Climate alarmists are delusional.