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Climate Alarmists Have Abandoned Scientific Method

Ed Berry
Along the Danube River in Austria and in the Austrian Alps weather reports are very much in normal ranges. Yet alarmists keep cranking out misleading scare stories and the media keeps reporting them.

Ed Berry, physicist and climate scientist: The international meeting in Madrid that was supposed to finalize the rules for the Paris agreement on climate change should never have occurred. The idea that human emissions increase global temperature and that curtailing human emissions will somehow decrease global temperature is an illusion that rejects science. From the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, to the Earth Summit in June 1992 and thereafter, climate alarmism was born, raised and promoted in politics, not science. Human emissions have increased atmospheric CO2 by 31 ppm while nature has increased it by 100 ppm. Since we can’t control nature, all climate treaties are worthless.