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Right to withdraw from Paris Agreement

W Soon, C Monckton, I Marko, S Armstrong, W Briggs, K Green, D Legates, R Reif

Willie Soon, Christopher Monckton, skepitcal of Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warmiing: “Fortunately, contrary to Professor Reif’s claims, the actual current scientific understanding of Earth’s climate dispels the popular delusion that any manmade global warming will be dangerous. That means adhering to the Paris agreement would be ‘a bad deal for America,’ and not only on economic and equity grounds. “In the last 20 years, humans have released over a third of all the CO2 produced since the beginning of the industrial period. Yet global mean surface temperature has remained essentially constant for at least 15 years – a fact that has been acknowledged by the IPCC, whose models failed to predict it.”