Humans are destroying the world

William Ripple
2017, Union of Concerned Scientists
Maschsee in Hanover, Germany

The Union of Concerned Scientists and people sympathetic with them have come out with another report of the terrible things that people are doing, in one sense mostly in the poorer countries, to destroy the world, the same kind of things that people were doing fifty and one hundred years ago in now the most prosperous regions of the world. While a lot of what they describe is actually happening to a certain extent, the predictions of total destruction and irreversible climate changes for the worst will be proven for what they are in due time. At the end of this article are photos of nature around the world in the last 25 years. Can these photos be reconciled with the doom and gloom in this report? There is snow in most places where there should be snow. There is profound natural beauty in many places.


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