Comment #1 to Bloomberg BNA about Nuclear Will Not Help Avoid Profound Climate Problem

John Shanahan
This is how beautiful nuclear power and nature are in Switzerland - Nuclear Power Plant Leibstadt

John Shanahan, civil engineer, president of Environmentalists for Nuclear - USA: Comment #1 on Bloomberg BNA article, Nuclear won't avoid climate problem, (Bobby Magill). This short article covers vast complex topics about energy from wind, solar, fossil fuels, and nuclear, catastrophic man-made global warming, man-made climate change, man-made climate disruption and man-made large rising of oceans with simple broad statements from “experts.” Some statements about the situation with the state of nuclear power in the United States are very accurate. Other statements lack scientific basis and cause serious problems in getting to the right conclusions. If the ideas in this article are followed and the logic and reasoning turns out to be wrong, the consequences of forcing the world to go without fossil fuels are dire.


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