How Al Gore built the global warming fraud

Al Gore, Jay Lehr, Tom Harris
USA, Canada
The Earth is greener than most other times in the last century. Yet global warming alarmists from the National Academies of Sciences to the United Nations even to the Vatican are predicting catastrophic global warming and demanding that everyone stop using fossil fuels. Has the world ever been more hysterical. This coleus extracts a lot of carbond dioxide to make a beautiful plant with many geometrical patterns. The miracle of life! The alarmists demand that we do away with it all.

Jay Lehr, Ph.D. Science Director at The Heartland Institute, Tom Harris, executive director of the Ottawa, Canada-based International Climate Science Coalition: Although his science is often seriously wrong, no one can deny that Al Gore has a flare for the dramatic. Speaking about climate change in an October 12, 2018 PBS interview, the former vice-president proclaimed, “We have a global emergency.” Referring to the most recent UN climate report, Gore claimed it showed that current global warming “could actually extend to an existential threat to human civilization on this planet as we know it.” Now children are increasingly depressed about their future, thanks to the constant barrage of global warming propaganda that they receive at school. Photos tell what it is really like.


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