Catastrophic man-made climate change is here. 2020 could be your last chance to stop it

The Times Editorial Board
Should the world use fossil fuels to enjoy modern living or should we stop using them and return to a much simpler way of life like this farmer on the Island of Chiloe in Chile. We would only have beasts of burden for transportation. A small cart with solid wooden wheels requires two very large well-fed oxen to transport three people at a speed of 3 mph - 5 kmhr only over short distances Forget long distance land and trans-ocean travel. Forget seeing friends and relative more than a few miles away. Forget vacations in different climates. All this will be reserved for the rich politicians and extreme environmentalists who took fossil fuels away from most people.. Photo by John Shanahan 1994

Los Angeles Times Editorial Board: This newspaper and many others in the United States and Europe publish articles including by their own editorial boards proclaiming that fossil fuels are causing catastrophic man-made global warming and that if the world stops using fossil fuels we can stop a man-made climate apocalypse. This website posts articles with many points of view and lets our readers decide for themselves. We also post articles that make our opinion clear. What are your thoughts about use of fossil fuels and modern living? Are you willing to live by your conclusions and let others live by theirs? Or do you want to force the whole world to go without fossil fuels and just use energy from wind turbines, solar panels and biomass? How far will that get us? What is really going on with major media outlets posting alarms of catastrophic man-made global warming?


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