How dare you - Greta Thunberg

Marty Cornell, Greta Thunberg
USA Sweden
The Right Climate Stuff - NASA retirees
A beautiful mountain side in the Alps with fresh water. Mountains everywhere have unique beauty and weather.

Marty Cornell, chemist. Career with Dow Chemical specializing in transportation and environmental issues: This is a letter to a newspaper that covered Greta Thunberg's lecture to the world at the United Nations September 23, 2019 without any comment or criticism. He takes the newspaper and media in general to task. Man’s activities do change local climates; one only needs to drive from the Brazoria County countryside to the heat island of Houston to experience an upward shift of couple degrees centigrade. The solution to any detrimental effect of changing local climate such as warmer cities is simple: adapt. The issue is not about climate, but rather about a change in world order toward global central control by elites, to the loss of liberty and national independence.


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