Comment on UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Eric Jelinski
Healthy long-lived trees on Prince Edward Island Canada. The U.N. IPCC is determined to ignore Earths beautiful climate today and tremendous biodiversity. They are determined to stop use of the most important energy source fossil fuels that created the modern world. If the climate alarmists accomplish their goals the human population will have been forced to shrink by billions and many wildlife habitats destroyed by people desperate for energy from bushes and trees. This will be the greatest crime against humanity the environment and biodiversity ever.

Eric Jelinski, past president of Environmentalists for Nuclear - Canada, farmer, environmentalist, university lecturer with degrees in mechanical and chemical nuclear engineering: The IPCC is irrelevant and a total waste of time and money. They are scientists each in their own silo, and therefore they should not be called scientists. Real scientists would start with an open mind and apply scientific principles and methods. E.g. having model predictions that are grossly divergent from each other and also divergent from data is sufficient justification to shut down that entire organization ASAP.


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