Interview about man-made climate change and nuclear power

Bret Kugelmass
Many people enjoy the climate today. Others have been promising the end of an inhabitable world due to man-made global cooling global warming climate change climate disruption and tremendous sea-level rise since the 1970s. Tipping points to irreversible human killing man-made climate change have been promised regularly and are always 10 or 20 years into the future. We are still not to any tipping point. Climate everywhere is within past climate ranges for different points on the globe.

Bret Kugelmass, Managing Director of Energy Impact Center which focuses on deep decarbonization. We believe nuclear is a key enabler of deep decarbonization: One thing Fastest Path to Zero (net - carbon emissions) does well is how it addresses a nuanced argument in the climate change debate around what is necessary to truly tackle emissions. People might think it’s good enough to reduce emissions, but reduction is not the same as actually addressing climate change. Fastest Path keeps focused on what is really necessary to tackle climate change rather than just play into whatever narrative is friendly to audiences. The connection between nuclear energy as a key enabler of our climate change goals is something that Fastest Path does very well and we don’t see that in other organizations.


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