James Hansen proved right on man-made climate change

James Hansen, Andy Rowell
Catastrophic man-made global warming is what alarmists claim. They stay hunkered down in their ivory tower hideaways during freezing blizzards in North America writing their next imagined man-made global warming horror story.

James Hansen, former NASA scientist, considered the father of global awareness of man-made global warming, man-made climate change, man-made climate disruption: In 2013, Hansen left NASA. But he continues to speak out about his predictions of climate crisis. This is far, far worse than if we had taken concerted collective action over the last thirty years to reduce our carbon emissions. The simple fact that temperature change has almost always preceded atmospheric CO2 change throughout history and rise in concentration above 400 ppm has never led to climate tipping points is all that is needed to show that Hansen and his cohorts are wrong about carbon dioxide from fossil fuels. There is no crisis.


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