Climate Crisis Hottest Temps Ever

Bill McKibben -- Amy Goodman
2023 -- Democracy Now
The process of coming up with one number for the temperature of the Earth, when it varies significantly everywhere, every minute of the day is a numerical game. It is meaningless. Discussing Earth's temperature to one one hundreth of a degree is pure folly. One can play this game going back as far as the same system has been used to play the game. Going back a few decades or centuries before that is "hot air." Going back centuries is "hot, hot air." Going back millennia is the devil saying this. Going back "forever" is what Bill McKibben and Amy Goodman pretend to know about..

This week unprecedented temperatures driven by climate change shattered heat records around the world. Scientists say 2023 is set to be one of the warmest years in the history of planet Earth. “We can’t stop global warming at this point.” “All we can do is try to stop it short of the place where it cuts civilizations off at the knees.”

It looks like 40% of the Earth’s seas are now going through what the oceanographers call marine heat waves. That means widespread bleaching of coral. We forget sometimes we call the planet Earth, but if we were honest, we’d probably call it Ocean, because that’s 70% of the planet’s surface. And the damage there is extraordinary. Sea temperatures are not just a little bit higher than they’ve ever been before. They’re not off the charts. They’re off the wall the chart is tacked to.


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