Climate change and health

Helena Wang, Richard Horton
A weather vane in Cornwall, England showing what life is like without fossil fuels. That is what the climate alarmists will force you to go back to, including losing seven out or eight friends and family. Dictatorship, misery, and insanity. John Shanahan

The Lancet: This is a collection of articles by The Lancet and others claiming that mankind by its use of fossil fuels is causing catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, climate change and climate disruption. They claim that it is clear that use of fossil fuels is the cause. Others focus on the immediately obvious major challenges facing humanity, the environment and nature. The photo posted with this item is a weather vane in England showing what life was like without fossil fuels. People have to make a decision. Do they elect to follow the Rattenfänger von Hameln or not.


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