Climate Ugliness of Generation Moronic

Christopher Monckton
Photo: Boulder carried by glacier during last ice in Cornwall, England. Nature controls climate change, not man-made CO2. Eric Meyer Founder of Generation Atomic promotes nuclear energy by claiming that fossil fuels cause tremendous global warming. He has a mascot Melty the suffering polar bear. He creates graphics that brand scientists who disagree with serious man-made global warming CLIMATE DENIERS and compares them to FLAT EARTHERS and ANTI-SCIENCE CLUBS. This article is a strong rebuke to everyone who uses the term Climate Deniers. John Shanahan

Christopher Monckton: “Generation Atomic” is yet another NGO, this time comprising boffins keen on nuclear power and even keener on pretending there is a “climate emergency” so that they can promote their favorite method of generating electricity as the golden path to crippling Western Civilization through “decarbonisation”. The photo below shows a huge boulder sitting on the top of a cliff on the beautiful Cornwall coast of England with the Atlantic Ocean in the background. It was transported there during an ice age. No scientist who questions the magnitude of global warming from use of fossil fuels denies climate change. In the past, the climate has repeatedly been hostile cold with Europe and North America covered by thousands of feet of ice that transported this huge boulder from many miles away. Calling anyone a CLIMATE DENIER is an insult of tremendous magnitude and a disgrace to those promoting nuclear energy.


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