Greta’s very corporate children’s crusade

Greta Thunberg, Dominic Green
Sweden UK
Children's Crusade to recapture Jerusalem in 1212 AD was a disastrous failure. So will Greta Thunberg's Fridays for Future crusade after truth is recognized about carbon dioxide and fossil fuels. Meanwhile it is amazing to watch people in Europe and around the world giving her so much attention.

Greta Thunberg, Swedish high school student leading global campaign against fossil fuels: Greta Thunberg is just an ordinary 16-year-old Swedish schoolgirl whose fiery visions have convinced the parliaments of Britain and Ireland to declare a “climate emergency”. Greta’s parents are just an ordinary pair of parent-managers who want to save the planet. Query their motives, and you risk being accused of “climate denial”, or of bullying a vulnerable child with Asperger’s. But the Greta phenomenon has also involved green lobbyists, PR hustlers, eco-academics, and a think-tank founded by a wealthy ex-minister in Sweden’s Social Democratic government with links to the country’s energy companies.


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