False reverence for Greta Thunberg

Thomas Schmid, Greta Thunberg
Germany Sweden
Kalte Sonne
Sweden Many parts of the world have beautiful wonderful climates. There is very deep snow on the mountain summits near the equator. There is warming notably at the poles. What is causing it CO2 from fossil fuels or natural processes Does the angry Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg have the answers the UN IPCC or independent scientists with no political ideology to impose on the world We shouldnt have to wait long for an answer. Those who accept Gretas story are going to be disappointed.

Thomas Schmid, German speaker, author, journalist, leader of discussions of new and old books: Basically, the Swedish preacher rejects the entire universe of the Western world. Greta Thunberg is not the solitaire she performs. It has not brought a fundamentally new topic into the political arena. It is part of a well-known movement that flourished, especially in the interior of the Western world of well-being, with its wonderful but dangerous willingness to doubt everything. Political leaders who give Greta their time and attention act like political ABC shooters. Then they immediately return to their agenda.


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