Declaration to the Vatican about man-made climate change

William Briggs, John Shanahan
Vatican USA
Italian Alps in winter. Italy is one of the most beautiful countries with tremendous variety of natural beauty. There is no clear proof in this country of catastrophic man-made climate change. The Pope in the Vatican City surrounded by Rome and Italy summons energy executives for lectures of their energy sins issues encyclicals Laudato si and grants audiences to a world famous truant high school student to support his views that use of fossil fuels is causing catastrophic man-made global warming climate change and ocean rise. Requiescat in pace.

William M Briggs, initiator of Declaration to the Vatican on man-made climate change: The Magisterium of the Catholic Church makes no mention of earth’s optimal climate, or the best rate of change of the climate, nor should it. Neither optimum is known to anybody. Extreme caution, even skepticism, is warranted in any statement about the climate given the decades of failed and overreaching forecasts and hyperbole from official and interested sources. PEOPLE EVERYWHERE ARE ENCOURAGED TO SIGN THIS DECLARATION.


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