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Bill McKibben
While Bill McKibben and his organization sound the alarm about catastrophic man-made global warming, real climate continues to follow nature's influencing factors over hundreds of millions of years.

Bill McKibben is a co-founder of 360.org, a global organization committed to campaigns like fighting coal power plants in India, stopping the Keystone XL pipeline in the U.S, and divesting public institutions everywhere from fossil fuels. All of our work leverages people power to dismantle the influence and infrastructure of the fossil fuel industry, and to develop people-centric solutions to the climate crisis. Author Vaclav Smil, "ENERGY AND CIVILIZATION A HISTORY" clearly describes how important fossil fuels are and will be far into the future. It is incomprehensible that people who benefit so much from fossil fuels demand these energy sources stay in the ground. Nuclear energy professionals and advocates who demand the world stop using fossil fuels are many grades less knowledgeable than the popular Swedish teenager who is against these vital energy sources and who is welcomed by heads of state and the Vatican.


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