Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting discusses Global Warming

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting
Germany World
2017 2018
A beautiful private garden near Bochum, Germany. Most of the bushes and trees have grown since 1970. The climate in Central Europe is marvelous. No reason to stop using fossil fuels. The Nobel Laureates at this meeting talk like global warming alarmists: "the concentration of greenhouse gases have reached unprecedented levels," "Many of us in Europe don't need data - we can remember much colder winters," "It is likely that global warming will push the climate system past a tipping point, after which any preventivve measures are futile - the damage will alreaddy be done." The words of these outstanding Nobel Laureates about catastrophic man-made global warming are no better than those of American politicians Al Gore, John Kerry, and Joe Biden - John Shanahan, civil engineer!


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