COP26 - How Nuclear Power Can Help Tackle Climate Change

IAEA, International Atomic Energy Agency
Austria world
The IAEA and many nuclear power organizations claim the nuclear power can "tackle" or "solve" man-made climate change. John Shanahan, Founder of the website thinks that climate change is mostly caused by natural process, not mankind's use of fossil fuels. He thinks that implementation of nuclear power to replace most uses of fossil fuels will take centuries, not decades. Ane if and when that is accomplished, climate will change nearly the same as if the world was using fossil fuels. A complete change to nuclear power for all energy uses will not be accomplished in any time frame of the catastrophic man-made climate change alarmists. It is a terrible mistake for the IAEA and other nuclear power organizations and professionals to claim that nuclear power can help "tackle" climate change. CO2 is the molecule of life. It is not a pollutant.


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