Climate Change Reconsidered II - Fossil Fuels, Summary for Policy Makers

This photo is crucial to the claims that the Earth is warmer now than any time in the past. It shows a well rooted tree stump that was covered by a glacier and has reappeared because of current retreat of glaciers. At some time in the past based on carbon dating of the tree Earths climate was warmer than now and enabled this tree to grow. Claims that fossil fuels are going to make the planet too warm for humans Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming CAGW are unfounded. Forcing people to go without fossil fuels would be one of the greatest devastations in human history. If any nation tried to take fossil fuels away from the human race it would be All Out Global War. But the Extreme Greens in North America and Europe are planning on doing this without a shot being fired. If this happens it will be the largest crime against humanity ever and it will have been done by politicians and non-profit organizations in the United States and their allies.

Heartland Institute: The most consequential issues in the climate change debate are “whether the warming since 1950 has been dominated by human causes, how much the planet will warm in the 21st century, whether warming is ‘dangerous,’ whether we can afford to radically reduce CO2 emissions, and whether reduction will improve the climate” (Curry, 2015). Fossil fuels have benefited humanity by making possible the prosperity that occurred since the first Industrial Revolution, which made possible investments in goods and services that are essential to protecting human health and prolonging human life. Fossil fuels powered the technologies that reduced the environmental impact of a growing human population, saving space for wildlife.


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