Climate hysterics skyrocket

Paul Driessen
This photo shows three of the four reservoirs of carbon dioxide: the oceans, the atmosphere and plants (and animals). The fourth reservoir is sequestered carbon in rocks and fossil fuels still in the ground. The dilute CO2 in the atmosphere is in a CO2 cycle with the other reservoirs. Alarmist demands to extract CO2 from the atmosphere show their total ignorance of science. Any human extraction of CO2 from the atmosphere would be replaced by CO2 from the vast CO2 reservoir in the oceans. The CO2 alarmists are fake scientists, dictators who are determined to rule the world. BEWARE!!

Paul Driessen, senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow: On and on it goes – with more scare stories daily, more attempts to blame humans and fossil fuels for nearly every interesting or as-yet-unexplained natural phenomenon, weather event or climate fluctuation. And yet countering the manmade climate apocalypse narrative is increasingly difficult – in large part because the $2-trillion-per-year climate “science” and “renewable” energy industry works vigorously to suppress such evidence and discussion … and is aided and abetted by its media and political allies.


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