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John Eidson, William Happer
CO2 Coalition
The cause for the existence and characteristics of the universe some call that God has been and always will be in control of the major events. Mankind is able to influence a relatively minor amount called civilization war peace prosperity health education literature art music etc. But some religions governments and education institutions claim that they can reverse climate change. That means they claim they can make the whole planet warmer when it is too cold and make it cooler when it is too warm. Humans can do that only one building at a time and only using fossil fuels and other high energy density fuels like hydro and nuclear. Claims that mankind is causing climate catastrophe and claims that certain people can reverse this catastrophe are purely Medieval Fairy Tales.

John Eidson, electrical engineer: Dr. Happer is one of the best of the best when it comes to knowing about the atmosphere. But because he has doubts about man-made global warming theory, the alarmists who try to scare kids about the climate don’t like him and say ugly things about him. He doesn’t let that bother him. He just does what he’s always done—give his good faith scientific opinion and let the people who don’t like that he speaks his mind say whatever they want. See this short, interesting video. Enjoy life and nature.


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