Many record hottest days in the USA are before extensive use of fossil fuels

Steve Goreham, John Shanahan

Steve Goreham, Executive Director, Climate Science Coalition of America: The record hottest days in the United States occurred before the intensive use of fossil fuels. The driest and wettest periods occur at regular intervals. They are not getting a lot worse. All in all there is no sign of catastrophic climate change from use of fossil fuels. But the media keeps printing headlines and the public is fully panicked. The real catastrophe will be when North America, Europe and Australia abandon fossil fuels and nuclear - when the lights go out and the elevators in the high-rise apartments and condominiums stop working. Extreme hot and cold days have always been around. 21st Century humans think that we are the cause. People made those mistakes in the past: witches, having the wrong religion, the Inquisition. How smart is mankind?


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