Letter to Greta Thunberg

John Eidson
A mega city in China. Modern urban areas are heavily dependent on fossil fuels for everything from operating elevators in skyscrapers heating and air conditioning keeping the lights on sound systems in theaters and mega churches transportation and sanitary services. Greta Thunberg wants to do away with all of that or make worldwide modern living dependent on wind and solar energy. Hello World We should not allow ourselves to fall under her hypnotic like trance. Snap out of it and be on guard. Those who would like to destroy Europe and the USA will never allow Greta to gain a toe-hold.

John Eidson, writer, analyst for energy, climate change, government policies, retired electrical engineer, independent voter: It is rare to find a person with all the skills, ethics, and live by example, like John Eidson. Here is his first open letter to Swedish child climate alarmist phenomena, Greta Thunberg. He writes with respect and offers sound advice for Greta and all who think like her.


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