Insignificance of man-made carbon dioxide

Bonne Posma, Jay Lehr, Tom Harris
Shanghai China Fossil fuels and government leadership have enabled China to come into the modern world from the country it was more than a century ago as described by Pearl Buck in The Good Earth. The rest of the world can follow Chinas incredible lead or turn into backwater hamlets and easily succumb to their enemies.

Bonne Posma, engineer, Founder and CEO, Saminco (USA) specializing in electric propulsion systems for off-road vehicles and underground mining conveyances with operations in China, South Africa and USA, principal shareholder in Liquid Coal, Inc. (USA): Jay Lehr, Ph.D. Past Science Director at The Heartland Institute, Member of the Professional Speakers Network, speaking on agriculture, environmental policy, aging, health & nutrition, retirement/aging and green/environment. Tom Harris,, executive director of the Ottawa, Canada-based International Climate Science Coalition: Here are four pages that summarize the role of man-made carbon dioxide in the topic of Earth's climate. Swedish school truant, Greta Thunberg, heroin to the Pope and certain world leaders would understand these graphics, if she studied them, indigenous youth in the jungles of Brazil and Borneo without modern school education, can understand them also. How about you?


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