Forecasting climate change is a very complex process

Howard Lowe
Everyone who has been fortunate to live a long life up to now knows that the last forty years have not been the hardest for humans, for animals. for growing food, and for wildlife. But alarms about catastrophic global warming are at a maximum as well as fear of the same by students and adults in North America and Europe. Reality stands in sharp contrast with claims by main stream media and extreme environmentalists.

Howard Lowe, geologist and environmentalist: For more than a hundred thousand years man has developed into a sophisticated creature, one with ever increasing scientific ‘know how’. Even after landing on the Moon man still dreams of worlds far beyond Earth and the Moon, and plans journeys into deep space. In preparation, he studies all manner of sciences to increase his knowledge of this home planet. One such effort deals with studies Earth’s past and present climates, and lastly prediction of future climates.


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