How to approach the science of global warming

Richard Lindzen
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Earths climate has always changed - naturally. The only thing that has changed recently is the actions by alarmists claiming that humans are causing catastrophic global warming and that they can REVERSE MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING by stopping the world from using fossil fuels. Global warming alarmists are determined to tax businesses and the public to death. It should be obvious that this is nothing more than a plot to seize control of governments and get rid of democracies. It is the War Of The Worlds without SciFi weapons and spaceships.

Richard Lindzen is an atmospheric physicist, Emeritus Professor at MIT. From 1983 until his retirement in 2013 he was Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at MIT: Here are two statements that are completely agreed on by the IPCC. It is crucial to be aware of their implications. 1. A doubling of CO2, by itself, contributes only about 1C to greenhouse warming. 2. If one assumes all warming over the past century is due to anthropogenic greenhouse forcing, then the derived sensitivity of the climate to a doubling of CO2 is less than 1C. The notion that alarming warming is ‘settled science’ should be offensive to any sentient individual, though to be sure, the above is hardly emphasized by the IPCC.


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