Is global warming today all due to super El Niños?

David Wojick
Schools and universities across Europe and North America are teaching that fossil fuels are causing catastrophic man-made global warming sea level rise and ocean acidification. The Vatican also. Is this scientifically correct The shouting is still too loud to hear the correct answer. But some day SOME DAY the truth shall be known

David Wojick, Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, CFACT, Washington, D.C., Ph.D. Philosophy of Science and Mathematical Logic, B.Sc. Civil Engineering: There is little to no CO2 warming in the entire satellite record! Just a step up warming due to the super El Niño 20 years ago. We may now have a second super El Niño step warming but it is too soon to tell. In any case there will still be no evidence of any CO2 induced warming. The gradual increase in atmospheric CO2 has nothing to do with super El Niños.


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