Carbon dioxide and energy policy

Gary Young
All those cloud droplets used to be water vapor. There is far more water vapor greenhouse gas in the atmosphere than CO2. Vaclav Smil author of ENERGY AND CIVILIZATION A HISTORY opens with "Energy is the only universal currrency, one of its many forms must be transformed to get anything done." CO2 is the molecule of life. We should never sequester it and lock it away forever.

Gary Young, mechanical engineer, major product development manager - He worked on product development that significantly contributed to profitability of a global technology company: No rational energy policy can occur until the GLOBAL WARMING role of CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) is well understood. The intent of this paper is to find a direct physics answer to the question of if increasing CO2 causes global warming. It is based on “counting molecules and photons” and calculating what happens given the known physical properties of CO2 and the “greenhouse” causing infrared light emitted from the earth. The earth is undeniably warming. However, the primary culprit is not carbon dioxide or the specific issue of anthropogenic carbon dioxide; that 3.2% of CO2 caused by humans, and, more specifically, the 23% of the anthropogenic CO2 generated in the US.


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