Count the molecules, count the photons. More CO2 makes almost no difference

Gary Young
Trogir, Croatia is a beautiful, ancient city on the Adriatic. Life on the Mediterranean Sea has existed for thousands of years. Never has it been as good as today because of fossil fuels. History is full of slavery, people being captured and dragged off. Before fossil fuels, Europe stripped the land of trees for every imaginable purpose. Anti-fossil fuel extremists want to leave fossil fuels in the grouund and go back to slavery etc. Wahnsinn - (German). Insanity.

Gary Young, mechanical engineer, major technology product development manager. His team's work significantly contributed to profitability of a global technology company: How can we reach a sound conclusion about carbon dioxide from fossil fuels? There are many ways to study the problem. Here is a way that is not used often. It may give a clear answer. His analysis indicates that there are so many molecules to absorb the photons that cause global warming that adding more such molecules does not contribute to more global warming. We'll see what other scientist say.


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