Debunking The CO2 Climate Doomsday Scenario With Empirical Evidence

C3 Headlines
Golden Colorado USA 3000 meter elevation 2010s. All around the State of Colorado the climate is similar to climate and weatheer ranges in the past 150 years.

C3 Headlines is an anonymous American website providing information skeptical of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming and supporting moderation and efficiency in using the blessings of fossil fuels: Empirical evidence is the bane of all climate change 'doomers' since it contradicts what they've been told as being true. In a nutshell, the doomer contention is that a civilization doomsday will happen within the next 12 years because of climate change. The principal foundation of their alarmist catastrophic scenarios is the never tested, never proven hypothesis that human CO2 emissions will cause incredible, tipping point global warming, thus leaving planet Earth uninhabitable. There is absolutely zero empirical evidence supporting the claimed soon-to-be "doomsday" from growing CO2 emissions.


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