Climate Emergency Due to Global Warming Doomsday

Sweden, USA
C3 Headlines
The planet has many climate regions. Each has their own beauty. The climate changes everywhere all the time. In the United States Climate change alarmist James Hansen is science advisor to one of the most arrogant and preposterous anti-fossil fuel law suits stuck in the Supreme Court. It demands that a few privileged American youth have a RIGHT to a stable climate that suits them. A disgrace for the world. Michael Shellenberger at ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRESS has James Hansen as one of his advisors. Photo shows nature in balance with available water in New Mexico

C3 Headlines is an anonymous American website providing information skeptical of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming and supporting moderation and efficiency in using the blessings of fossil fuels. Fully supports nuclear power: All that past warming was due to normal climatic oscillations and fluctuations within various cycles. This recent warming had nothing to do with CO2 and other emitted greenhouse gases. Just as occurred in the past, it is highly likely that a major portion of the warming since the Little Ice Age is also natural.


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