UN IPCC 5th Assessment Report - Causal Chain of Events

Howard Cork Hayden
This photo shows the sun the atmosphere the ocean and implied the planet Earth. What causes Earths climate to get colder or warmer? What causes atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration to change? Can it be explained by computer models? Does the history of the Earth give better answers than computer models? Can we continue to use the most important energy source webe ever known so far fossil fuels?

Howard Cork Hayden, Emeritus Physics Professor, University of Connecticut: In the 5th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental report on Climate Change (AR5 of the IPCC) it says, "There is high confidence that orbital forcing is the primary external driver of glacial cycles." The implied chain of events is this: 1. Milankovitch cycles change the atmospheric CO2 concentration; 2. CO2 changes then cause temperature changes. To my knowledge, no ‘climate scientist’ in any institution, with any amount of funding, with any amount of computing power available, has ever asked, let alone answered, how this chain of events could happen. By December 2038, we’ll have logged two 30-year-average satellite data points. To alarmists, these very few data points are enough to demand that all use of fossil fuels come to an immediate halt.


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